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What I've Done:
     Timothy's 1st score was a rescore of a short film called "Warm Winter" which won him 2nd place in the Film Score University/Emerging Artist Division at the 11th Annual Robert Avalon International Composers Competition in 2017. Then, in the spring of 2018, Timothy collaborated with award winning film writer and educator Gabriel Duran by scoring his short film “La Caja” (the box).
     Timothy then scored 4 films with with small groups of his classmates under the supervision of Two-Time Emmy Award winning composer Hummie Mann during the Masters program he did from 2018 through 2019. These films included a Thriller Film by Constantine Samios called "Through the Blinds", an Experimental Film by Pawan KC called "Idiosyncratic", a Comedy Film by Valerie Royer called "Jerad Davis Throws a Dinner Party", and a Horror Film by Bianca Malcolm called "Fear in Sanity".
     Then, in 2020 through 2021, Timothy took on Music Creation and Post Production Sound Editing, Mixing, and Design for a short Drama/Slow Cinema film by Pawan KC named "Turmoil".
     Since then, Timothy has released a Single named "A Thoughtful Prayer in Suffering", another Single named "An Adventure of Love", and a Compilation Album named "Explorative Expression". He's also began creating solo guitar/bass mini songs who's style he hopes to enrich many future projects with as his career continues. 
What I Bring:
     Timothy's skills as a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist and passion for creating novel music for any desired experience gives the projects he contributes to Maximum Emotional Impact And Memorability. His music comes forth from a forward thinking melodic and textural palette and keen musical instincts for any application or genre. Timothy also has substantial experience in music score/part notation/preparation, orchestration, audio editing/mixing/mastering, sound design, and general music production in all major DAWs.
Who I am:

     Timothy grew up in Arlington, Texas where he began his musical journey at age 11 with guitar, learning Rock and Metal music ranging from Green Day and Songs from Guitar Hero 3 to guitar legends like Randy Rhodes and Michael Angelo Batio. At age 13 he began learning marching and concert percussion, and continued studying Percussion and Guitar throughout middle and high school. During his time in high school, Timothy attended a master class by percussionist/composer Ney Rosauro who's music and story served as the inspiration that began Timothy's journey as a music composer.

     In 2014, Timothy graduated from James Martin high school and began his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. He continued learning marching and concert percussion in his 1st year and spent the remaining 3 years of his studies at UTA with Piano as his instrument of study. It was during this time that Timothy also shifted his focus in his guitar studies to Jazz guitar and classical guitar works of Toru Takemitsu (a world renown film and concert music composer).

     After graduating from UTA with a Bachelors Degree in Music with an emphasis in Composition, from 2018-2019, Timothy earned a Masters Degree from the Seattle Film Institute in “Film Composition” aka Music Composition for Film and Media. This Program is also known as the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program that was created and is intimately led by Two-Time Emmy Award Winning composer Hummie Mann.

    After graduating with his master's in 2019, Timothy moved back to Dallas, Texas to take care of some serious medical issues, and has been to this day continuing his studies (during the free time he has) of new guitar virtuosos like Ichika Nito and Manuel Gardner Fernandes by transcribing and playing their works, and Timothy hopes to bring the unique and emotive timbre of solo guitar to future projects he works on.

A Thought Prayer In Suffering

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